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chest pass | basic passing

Chest pass

Flat pass. Using both hands, fingers behind the ball, thumbs touching and with elbows in push through while stepping forward with either foot. The chest pass is the most used and accurate passing in netball. hold the ball sort of on the sides, but having good control and having your thumbs behind the ball. When making a chest pass, step forward with one foot, and remember to bend your knees to get power to push through. Keeping your elbows close to your body and release the ball, straightening your arms and fingers. Remember to flick the wrist and extend your arms and having your thumbs pointing towards the floor. If your the reciever of the pass go towards or move towards the ball never away from it!

A good solid bounce pass is completed with two hands holding the ball at chest height. Remember to that all your fingers and thumbs are all pointing towards the floor. You should be stepping into every bounce pass with one of your feet forward and always bend your knews while making the bounce pass. The aim for a bounce pass should be just over halfway between you and the receiver of the bounce pass.