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defense drills

Triangle Drill - a great defense netball drill

need 4 players and 1 ball. Three players in a triangle 3-4 metres apart, one with ball (thrower). The fourth player (defender) stands opposite thrower, between and a little in front of the other two players (receivers). Thrower then makes chest pass to either receiver, defender must try to intercept. After five clean interceptions, players rotate.

Coaching points:

* Adjust distances according to size/skill of defender to ensure realistic chance
* Ensure good fast chess passes only, no overheads
* Defender should react to ball, not thrower's eyes
* Defender should use correct technique to come around attacker (outside arm)
* Ensure defender does not 'creep up' on thrower. Progression Make defender stand back on or behind the line between the receivers, widen gap between receivers

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