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high running pass | basic passing

high running pass

The high running pass is an advanced pass that is used when a player is wanting to pass the ball quickly into an attacking position. The ball is caught while they are in mid-run then they release the ball by jumping into the air. Communication is a must especially when making the high running pass you must communicate with your teammate that your passing too. Make sure you come towards the ball with both hands open ready to catch it. Remember which of your feet hit the ground first - this is your landing foot. Step forward with your other foot - try and make your stride as large as possible. But keep your balance and hold the ball close to your body to protect it from defenders. Hold your head up so you can see which of your team-mates is in the best position for you to pass to. To release it from a jumping position you need to launch yourself from just one foot. Bend your knee slightly to give you power and try to explode straight up in the air. Find your target and release the ball from above your head. You can also finish the move off with a shoulder or bounce pass. Also, remember you must release the ball before your landing foot hits the ground