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We are very excited that you have came our great site about international netball. We are slowly updating to make this one of the best netball websites around! International netball is what we are all about here at international netball!

What is netball? What is needed to play netball, netball equipment?

Why international netball?!?!

We can tell you here at international netball why?!?

because international netball is.....

international netball is played in over 70 countries

international netball is a vibrant global game

international netball is played by over 20 million netball players

international netball is played on all continents

And that's why it's all about international netball! We are trying to provide the best and most updated information on international netball, and including a great netball drills, netball resource, and netball tips not only for players, coaches, but even fans that are wanting to learn more about the game of netball.

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