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What is Needed to Play?

Netball is a team sport that traces its roots to basketball, which explains why its rules are related. Netball was originally known as "women's basketball" and developed in the United States, and, while basically unknown in its homeland, it is the pre-eminent women's team sport (both as a spectator and participant sport) in Australia and New Zealand and is popular in Jamaica, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and various other Commonwealth countries. When James Naismith devised basketball in 1891 for his students in the School for Christian Workers (later called the YMCA), female teachers got curious and started to formulate a version for girls. The outfits of women back in the day hindered them from effectively executing important basketball moves such as running and dribbling, so the game had to be modified to accommodate these restrictions. Later, the name "netball" was adopted as women were beginning to play basketball professionally, and the game started to attract male players.


- two different netball official sizes

- for young netball players ranging from ages 8 - 10 years (whick is sometimes called netta): size 4 ball
- for ages 10 years old and up is a official size (Netball) : size 5 ball

Goal Posts

Two post, one positioned at each end of the court.
- recommended for ages 8 - 10 years (called netta): post height 2.4 meters or 8 feet high
- for ages 10 years old and up regular netball post height is 3.05 meters or 10 feet high just like basketball


A netball team consists of seven players, one in each of the following positions:

  • GK - Goal Keeper
  • GD - Goal Defence
  • WD - Wing Defence
  • C - Centre
  • WA - Wing Attack
  • GA - Goal Attack
  • GS - Goal Shooter


Positional bibs or patches marked with the seven positions must be worn.