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Netball glossary

Comprehensive netball glossary. Understand the game of netball better by learning more of the netball basic terms of netball. Teaching the fundamentals and basic terms of netball.

Netball glossary

A-Z of Netball

Netball glossary - A

Airborne Throw: When catching player catches ball mid-air, and then releases ball before landing on court.

Netball glossary - B

Back Line: The boundary lines at each end of the court.

Ball: Weighs 14-16oz and has a circumference of 27-28 ins. Made of rubber or leather.

Banding: Term describing strips which divide court.

Bending: Term used to describe movement of player on a curving course.

Netball glossary - C

Center Court: The middle third of the court.

Center Pass: Name of pass used to start or restart game from centre circle.

Clearing: When a player moves to clear space for another player to move into.

Court Linkeage: Linking of players with passes to exploit space of court with passes.

Cues: Used by players to signal to one another the best time to pass.

Netball glossary - D

Dead-ball Situation: When play is stopped and then begun again with throw-in, centre pass, or free pass.

Double Marking: When two players mark a single opposing player.

Dummy Run: When a player moves into a space as though preparing to receive the ball, without intending to receive it.

Netball glossary - F

Feed: An exact pass into the shooting circle.

Feint Pass: When a player pretends to aim a pass in one direction and releases it in another.

Footwork Rule: Restricts movement of player in possession of the ball.

Free Pass: Awarded to opposing team for penalty incurred.

Netball glossary - G

Goal Circle: The name of the circle around goal which marks scoring zone.

GA - Goal Attack.

GD - Goal Defence.

GK - Goal Keeper.

GS - Goal Scorer.

Netball glossary - H

Holding Position: When a player is in static position deciding where to pass.

Netball glossary - L

Lunging: Using one leg to make a long stride while keeping other static.

Netball glossary - M

Man-to-Man: Used as defensive tactic, whereby each player marks a single opposition player.

Netball glossary - O

Obstruction: When an opposition player blocks any movements that interferes with a pass or shoot. A penalty pass or shoot is awarded to the obstructed team.

Offside: When a player leaves the zone on court which they are confined to. A free pass is awarded to the opposition.

Overhead Pass: A two handed pass taken from above the head.

Netball glossary - P

Penalty Pass: A pass awarded to a team which has been fouled by obstruction or contact. The offending player must stand to the side of the opposing player, and is not allowed to move until the ball has been released.

Penalty Shot: Awarded for same reason as a penalty pass, when the foul has occurred in the shooting circle. The player is allowed to either shoot or pass.

Pivoting: When a player keeps one foot rooted to the ground and swivels with the other one.

Netball glossary - R

Rebounding: When a player jumps to recover the ball after a missed shot at goal.

Reverse Handling: When a player uses the hand furthest from the opposing player who is receiving the ball, to try and deflect it.

Rolling Off: Describes a movement in which a player swivels around from an opposing player while moving.

Netball glossary - S

Shooting Circle: The circle around goal from which players can shoot.

Netball glossary - T

Throw-in: Used to bring the ball back into court when it has gone out of play.

Toss-up: Used to bring the ball back into play when the referee is unable to award possession to either side.

Transverse Lines: The two lines dividing the court into thirds.

Netball glossary - W

WA - Wing Attack.

WD - Wing Defence.

Netball glossary - Z

Zone Defence: The method used by a team attempting to defend a specific area of court when it attempts to intercept the ball as it is taken through a zone.