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Getting Free | offense play but | netball offense drills | Number Netball

getting free | offense play but | netball offense drills | Number Netball

Getting Free

There are six methods of moving away from an opponent and into space. Moving with out the ball is one of the most important factors in offense in the game of netball. The type of offense movement or cuts used will depend upon:
Where the space is
Where the defender is
Where the thrower is
Where the goal is

The methods to get free in offense are:

Straight Sprint– from a narrow base with both feet facing the direction of movement and knees flexed, sprint to the side of the opponent that gives maximum space.

Sprint/stop/Sprint – used when an opponent is faster than you, or it could be a fake and go

Feint Dodge – from a narrow base with an even weight distribution and knees flexed. Feint in one direction then push off from outside foot to move in opposite direction to feint and sprint in that direction.

Change of Direction – sprint in one direction before turning on the balls of the feet to sprint in the opposite direction.

Change of Speed – vary the use of speed, finishing with a sprint.

Reverse Pivot or Rolling Off – step to one side to draw defender, pivot on that foot, make quick half turn with back
towards defender and sprint in the opposite direction.


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