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passing drills | passing drill for an individual

passing drills guide | passing drill for an individual

netball passing drills | passing drill for an individual

Passing - to yourself throw the ball from one hand to the other across the body, now try above the head. Throw and catch the ball to yourself. Use two hands, then one hand. Throw above your head and behind your back so you have to turn to catch it, to your right side, to your left side. Now clap before you catch it. For the advanced passing drill for an individual. You can see how man times you can clap while throwing the ball as high as you can, but the key is you have to catch the ball. Also, you can do this same passing drill for behind your body you have to throw the ball up in the air, but catch behind your body with your eyes still facing forward. Again, you can add clapping for this passing or ball handling drills. See how many times you can clap catching forward, and how many times you can clap catching the ball behind you.

Keys to remember while doing and instruction this drill:

- work on ball control
- work on hand speed
- work on concentrate and try to catch the ball everytime under control

basic passing

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