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passing drills dizzy passing

dizzy passing | fan passing drill

dizzy passing | fan passing drill

Players stand in a circle or could be done in a semi circle with one passer (passer #1) in the middle, and two balls, one on the outside (with passer #2) and one with passer #1. passer #1 passes to the player right of passer #2 and at the same time receives a ball from passer 2. She keeps on passing one ball forward and receiving another until she has done two complete turns of the circle. Another then takes her place. Quick reaction and vision.

Keys to remember while doing and instruction this drill:

- work on proper technique of passing
- work on speed, but don't sacrifice proper technique
- work on concentration and focus on making good solid hard passes
- work on concentration and focus on quickness, quick reactions, and court vision

basic passing

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