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passing drills | Quick Hands

passing drills guide | Quick Hands

netball passing drills | Quick Hands

Quick Hands

In the netball passing drill that we call quick hands, one player passes a quick short pass to the other player who is has their hands down at their sides relaxed but ready to bring her hand up to catch the pass. This netball passing drill is called quick hands, because it's working having quick hands and quick reaction. The receiver must bring hands up quickly to catch the ball, pass in back to the passer and immediately return her hands to her sides. The passer varies the height of the pass, but passes must always be in reach of the receiver. During this netball passing drill you can also change it up being doing the follow- same as before, but receiver must touch her hips between each pass.

Keys to remember while doing and instruction this drill:

- work on relaxed, yet ready position
- work on quick hands and reaction
- work on concentration and focus on reaction time


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