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passing drills | See Saw

passing drills guide | See Saw

netball passing drills | See Saw

See Saw

In this netball passing drill that we call see saw. This netball passing drill uses one netball, and three players. Two players place themselves at the horizontal points of an imaginary capital T. The passer is at the bottom of the T. The passer passes to the middle of the T, and one of the players drives in for the ball, passes back, then drives back to her spot. Immediately the other player drives to the middle to receive another pass, and so on. During this netball passing drill you can also change it up being doing the follow: change sides, side slip out and run back in, as player moves out jump over a line.

Keys to remember while doing and instruction this drill:

- work on proper balance
- work on speed, and especially foot speed
- work on concentration and focus on making good solid hard passes
- work on concentration and focus on quickness in changing direction


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