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We are very excited that you have came our great site about international netball. We are slowly updating to make this one of the best netball websites around! International netball is what we are all about here at international netball!

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Coaches Corner
- 36 ways to reduce stress
- Praise a Child

Defense Drills
- defense guide
- triangle

Netball Drills

Offense Drills
- offense number drill
- offense play but...
- offense spacing

Netball Passing Drills
- four corner passing
- individual passing drill
- netball dizzy passing
- one hand passing
- pass and follow
- passing space
- quick hands
- see saw
- triangle

Basic Passing
- bounce pass
- chest pass
- high running pass
- lob pass
- overhead pass
- shoulder pass

Netball Shooting

Vertical Jump

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- netball ball
- links
- netball equipment
- netball glossary
- netball history
- netball nutrition
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