Treat Your Back Pain with Trusted Experts

It is important to consult an excellent back specialist Singapore for your back-related problems. Our spinal cord is one of the most important integral yet sensitive body parts. It supports our skeleton structure and brain. It is an important part of the central nervous system. So you should be aware of the conditions and practices that might harm it. Being aware of the health and condition of your body is a good and healthy practice.

Factors causing back pain

Back’s ache has become one of the most common problems. It could be a result of many or one of the few listed reasons-

  • Due to degenerative disease
  • A serious injury to the back.
  • Weakening of the spine as a result of ageing. With age, the bone density tends to decrease, due to which bones, especially spines, weakens.
  • A sedentary lifestyle like sitting on a desk all day or bad posture seriously harms the back. 

Symptoms of back pain

Issues and problems experienced if you have chronic back pain may be-

  • Pain persists for more than a week
  • Pain that spreads through any limb or body
  • Tingling (paraesthesia) or numbness in one of the hands or feet
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Bladder or bowel incontinence
  • Weakness in one of the limbs (arms or legs)

Treatment for back pain

What is an expected back pain treatment?

  • It depends on the number and duration of symptoms and the severity of the pain. Your therapist or doctor may prescribe meds, bed rest, or physiotherapy.
  • Altered interventional pain treatments are also becoming quite popular procedures.
  • They apply the most modern and advance medicine and techniques in their procedure for the most efficient treatment.

At the novena pain management centre, they believe that each individual is unique and provides a personal plan for each patient. Their idea is to treat their patient with a holistic procedure to elevate their pain as permanently as possible. Therefore they have the best back specialist Singapore. They are pioneers of their fields, expert, and experienced. They are attentive and provide the best possible procedure for their patients’ back issues, which is least invasive. They are well versed with the latest development in tech or medicine related to back pain.

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