What are some screening tests needed for men?

It is always said ‘Prevention is better than cure. True to this, a regular screening at your health clinic can help you prevent the occurrence of many diseases. The following are some common concerns that you should get yourself checked for. Refer to a medical practitioner to know more about all the tests that should be taken.

  • Obesity is a great concern as it becomes a cause of many other diseases. Being overweight can damage your health to a great extent. Your BMI is calculated to find aout if you are obese or not. Based on this only the doctor decides on the treatment mechanism. It is easier to find out your BMI online. You can do it and keep a check on your health always. Your height and weight are the facts needed to find out the BMI. You have greater chances of being diabetic or suffer from cardiovascular diseases. So your regular screening should include checking for obesity.
  • Checking the cholesterol levels is another component of your screening. High cholesterol levels can prove dangerous as they may lead to heart diseases. Good cholesterol is needed by your body but bad cholesterol is your enemy. You also have to check all these if you have a family history of heart-related diseases.

  • Screening for prostate health is also considered very important. This is mainly suggested for men over the age of 45. You can check with men’s sexual health clinic singapore about the details regarding this. Those men with a first-degree relative diagnosed with prostate cancer are more at risk and should have the screening done compulsorily.
  • Diagnosis for diabetes is another important screening to be done. There are multiple diseases associated with the onset of diabetes. So regular checkups will help you to stay in control of the disease. Heart disease, nervous system failure, sexual dysfunction, and kidney failure are all associated with diabetes. If you are on the borderline it is an alarm to set the habits right. Finding it at this stage is important because the path to recovery is shorter. So make sure that you include diabetes screening in your yearly health checkup schedule.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health and so it becomes important to screen for mental health also. Many people complain about being stressed and develop depression soon. When they are screened at the right time, this can be prevented.

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