Guide to Treat and Cure Young Men’s Health

Guide to Treat and Cure Young Men’s Health

Body appearance is one of the biggest reasons for having high or low self-esteem.  Men and women having a perfect figure and features carry a different level of self-confidence and feel happy. Whereas there are some men and women having physical flaws who may not feel comfortable within their skin. One such kind of physical condition in men is breast enlargement. This condition is totally curable with a gynecomastia surgery at “Manchester Plastic Surgery”.

Gynaecomastia is a male breast reduction surgery. The problem is caused by the imbalance between the sex hormones i.e. testosterone and estrogen. It can create excess breast glandular and combinations of fatty tissue. One or both breasts can be affected by this. The surgery is a simple and uncomplicated procedure that will leave the breast firmer, flattered and contoured.

gynecomastia surgery

What set apart “Manchester Plastic Surgery” from all others in Manchester is the 3D body imaging service. With this, you can have a realistic view of the difference after the surgery. Male breast surgery may involve reduction mammoplasty, gland excision, liposuction, or m, maybe a combination of these techniques to achieve better results. The surgery requires overnight admission in the hospital and is performed under general anesthesia.

Following are some methods of treatment that can help you in deciding the right procedure for you:

  • If there is pseudo-gynecomastia i.e. fat accumulation in the chest then breast enlargement can happen. This can be treated by liposuction. If needed Body jet liposuction can also be performed as it reduces the need for open surgery to remove excess glandular tissues. The Body jet liposuction at “Manchester Plastic Surgery” has helped patients to recover speedily.
  • In addition, if required the surgeons will perform the tumescent technique before performing liposuction.
  • If the breast enlargement is due to the proliferation of breast, then it is suggested to remove excess breast tissue along with liposuction.
  • The surgeons have designed the new liposuction cannulas. This helps in breaking the denser part of the breast tissue into smaller pieces so that they can be suctioned out easily.

Undergoing surgery always carries some or the other risks. But at “Manchester Plastic Surgery” the experienced surgeons minimizes the risks. Since there are possibilities of complications like the reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, etc the surgeons male time to sit with the patients to discuss in detail the risks of surgery. You can heal with speed by following the advice of surgeons.

If you are looking forward to having gynecomastia surgery, then look no further than “Manchester Plastic Surgery”. They are highly recommended in Manchester for their patient-friendly services, upgraded technology and best surgeons available in the United Kingdom.

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