Take prescribed medicines only when pregnant

There are some sorts of medicines which are completely safe to take in pregnancy. You can always take prenatal vitamins which are safe and also important for your health when you are expecting a child. There is always a healthcare provider and you can ask them or consult with them before you take any kind of vitamins, supplements or other herbal remedies. But you have to aware as all the herbal medicines are not safe to have.

One also needs to check their blood pressure at a regular interval during this tenure. If needed then one has to take blood pressure medication for pregnancy as well. But this has to be prescribed by the doctors only.

For pain it is safe to have Tylenol. But other kind of pain relieving drugs can decrease the amniotic levels in the human body and it is a bit harmful in the third trimester. It can lead to less cushioning for a baby and puts more pressure in the umbilical cord. It can also affect the baby’s developing heart which is also not a good thing.

One has to have a good amount of protein when they are pregnant. There are a lot of proteins in vegetables and dairy products. One should also need at least two servings of fish in a week so that they can intake the omega fatty acid in their body as they are very essential.  Pulses and legumes can also be eaten on a regular basis to maintain a healthy diet. Try to add some chicken or vegetable soup in your daily diet. You can have them as a snack item whenever you feel hungry and do not have any ready to eat meals or deep fried things.

Sleep is very important in pregnancy. You cannot sacrifice your sleep no matter how busy your life is. Otherwise it can lead to pregnancy fatigues and it can make your labour even more strenuous at the time of delivery. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day and that too; a proper sound sleeps.

Sitting idle all day in pregnancy is not going to help. If you do not want to add some extra weight to your body then do exercises on a regular basis. Choose some light exercise regime and follow that. This will bring you back to your normal shape again once the baby is delivered. Yoga and swimming can be a good thing. Yoga can make you learn what your proper posture is. You need to know at what posture you should keep your body to get rid of back pains and stiff necks.

Prescribed medicines are safe to take. There is no need to take medicines on your own when you are pregnant. The doctor also should play special attention when they are prescribing medicines to a pregnant woman. Otherwise, if wrong medicines are prescribed then it can affect the child directly. Pregnant high blood pressure medication is available over the counter only if one produces a proper prescription advising those medicines.

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